Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

My precious Evelyn cried all the way to church cause she hated the way the beading at the top of this dress scratched her. Usually its the lines in her tights and socks that she fiddles with for atleast a half hour.  So even though the messy cords and double decker vhs are in the picture Im very proud of it!!

My poor kiddos.  Im always begging for shots when the sun is blazing right in their eyes!  But are they not a handsome brood.  Christmas 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evelyn working on her Snake trap.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A day at the Childrens Museum

Ramsey loved working at the grocery store!

So much so, that he didnt want Logan's help.  .

Logan took his job of doctor very serious.

He just got a very important call.

He and his assistant Kinsey are discovering the new protozoas for the life chain to save the world!

A moment of awe!

Baby loved her work hat and the fake grass. . .

She also had a relationship with this camel.  She kept going back to it.

The boys climbed high!!!
Logan and Alec as NASA's finest.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day, JFK

Ramsey at memorial site for JFK.

Logan did not want to take a pic.

Lately Evelyn just wants me to hold her.  It's like she knows she is growing out of the whole baby stage, and she is going to milk it for all its worth.

I thought this was a cool shot of downtown Dallas.  The kids and I ended up here on accident.  We needed a potty break and I35 just spit me out downtown.  So we stopped at the Old Red Museum, (i parallel parked!)  used the bathroom and bought ice creams and headed to the grassy knoll where the boys were thoroughly intrigued by the assassination of our expired president.   Meanwhile baby just thought it was so cool that superman works up in the ball.   By far the best potty break ever. . . .

Omma's house

Logie loves his floaties, but this tired squinched up face is after 9 hours of swimming. . . . the day before. 

Evelyn aka "baby"  has turned into a fish.  All she wants to do is swim at Omma's house!!

Ramsey has deemed the slide really fun.  Last summer he wouldnt even go down it, and now he ruled the slide this trip.

Evelyn is happy happy as long as she is near the pool.

I just had to show Omma and Bruce's garden.   Her plants are enviable.

this is a terrible picture Ramsey took with my phone, but I love it, cause when i look at it, I just feel the comfort of going to Omma and new papa's house.   There is always a dog in the kitchen.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barefoot Wednesdays

Evelyn on top of the water feature.

Ramsey sees a tadpole! 

Evelyn likes her picture taken. . . alot!

A big hollowed out Cypress tree.

Cypress Creek

Boys being boys. . .
 We made a big picnic in the quintessential brown picnic basket and off we went!  First stop, a rest stop that I had seen on the side of RR 12.  It looked like it had been constructed in the 70's and not used much.  So we all got out and it smelled like urine, then we saw a big turd (looked human) next to the concrete picnic tables.  I said, "kids we are out of here!"   I had my straw hat on, we were ready for a beautiful picnic.  But where to go?  Wimberley is such a great town, and I love it, but the river is privatized to the max!  You have to live on it, or rent a cabin or have friends invite you over to get next to it!  Geez. . .  There is one place though, that we went to when we were first getting to know this little town, and you get to it by going under the bridge near the square. So we parked, walked the path, this time from the opposite side, so, the kids and I crossed the fresh running water,. My dare devil Logan did not want to go, unless Ramsey held his hand (maybe b/c at Easter he had a near drowning incident at Krause Springs.)  Anyhoo~  we crossed the river, it got thigh deep on the kids, but we made it to the bridge and the dirt, where we heard the bats, smelled the guano, and saw a big crane.  Now shoes wet, when we got to the big rock picnic place, they were off!  Turkey sandwhiches, watermelon and lays potato chips, swallowed down with blue kool-aid, we were ready for more adventures!! 

So, the kids tantalized the fish, and then we finally made it down the old trail to our playground.  I say "our" because Mason and I would take the kids here when they were 18 mos old.  Logan slid down the slide here for his first time ever.  

Needless to say, by the time we made it home we were hot and sticky, and Mama needed a quiet time.  But it was definitely worth it.  I think we will do it again!  Next time with fishing poles. . .

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday best with the cousins

Logan, Ramsey, Truman and Travers